Naturlig Lofoten


Here is three completely new apartments at Fredvang in Lofoten. Well-equipped,  close to the true Lofoten Nature, and the wonderful hiking areas, including Kvalvika Strand, for those who want top trips or other wonderful nature experiences

The apartments are located on a secluded, kid friendly and peaceful property, only 10 meters from the sea, with easy access to the large garden and the surrounding countryside. Here you can experience a wonderful wildlife, and the place is nesting place for a variety of bird species.

Whether you want to see northern lights, midnight sun or just enjoy the magnificent nature, and the new Lofotodden national park, Hovdanvika is a great choice and we would like to welcome you to a peaceful stay here by Fredvang.

Long - term stay in Lofoten ?

You can stay in  apartment C from September 5, 2019 to June 1, 2020, for only NOK 6500, - per month ( + power )

Take contact for more info.


In Hovdavika we take care of nature. This means that we take into account the wildlife and do not throw waste into nature, And we're always picking up someone else's.  We sort waste, save on water and electricity and limiting the use of plastic. 

All the small contributions help together for a better environment and experiences.


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